Commercial Projects

Possessing one of the largest uPVC window and door production areas in Jeddah- Saudi Arabia, our factory located in 3rd Jeddah industrial city, with our advanced factory premises measured 3600m2. Our machines and operating equipment have a modular design and all components are compatible with each other. This gives us the flexibility we need to adapt our production equipment at any time to suit the growing demands of our enterprise.

Specifications and Advantages of Our Products for Commercial Projects

Our production Capabilities

With our 500 windows/day capability of production area, we are more than proud to say that your projects will be in really good hands! Fast pace work, accuracy, premium quality and mutual trust is what makes all the difference.

Commercial Sales Team

Our National Commercial Sales Team of experts can assist you at every step of the way to ensure that your needs and demands are taken into consideration. Our experts constantly seek to develop their skills and environmental awareness in order to grant you technically excellent and aesthetically exceptional products.

The Perfect Solution for Every Requirement

We are the manufacturers. That is to say that our products are tailored to fit your needs and desires, and even exceed your expectations. Whatever you requirements are, we have the perfect solution that will surely keep you 100% satisfied.

Needs & Concerns

We know that in order to succeed, communication is the key! That is why we are dedicated to understanding your specific needs and individual concerns. Operating in an ever-growing field in the KSA, we aim to fulfill your requirements and necessities to keep you perfectly satisfied.


Possessing one of the largest uPVC window and door production areas in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we are always able to increase our production capabilities, due to our significant manpower & resources. We are perfectly able to match your project demands and pressing requirements. We work closely with you to eliminate any fear or hesitation you might encounter.


Weorientate our experience, resources and our Technical Partner into the fabrication of marvelous windows for your project, in terms of process, quality, strength and superior globally certified uPVC use.

Respect for time is key to our business

We believe that the key to success is time management! Having a huge fully equipped production area in our factory and open access to our German partners’ resources, we are devoted togranting you immediate supply of the quantity requested no matter how the order is vast. Wehave great respect for deadlines and on-time project delivery.

Our qualified technicians to fit high standards

Creative Windows is the fruit of hard working team, who are always in continuous search to elaborate and develop their professional skills.  Our technical partner, VEKA, does not only manufacture the best uPVC profiles, but also take the responsibility to train and qualify every member of our team.


Once chosen, our main technicians are sent to the company’s headquarters in Germany where they undergo extensive training on the latest skills and techniques needed to excel in the window and door industry. Upon completion of the specialized training program, most of our members are granted international qualification certificates that reward their hard learning and continuous motivation to develop.