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Creative Windows products offer you the exquisitely easy lifestyle you’re longing for. Our uPVC windows are made straight from VEKA Softline 70 AD profile System.  The amazing “Tropical Formulation" is suitable for any house. The timelessly classic lines and slightly rounded contours of the SOFTLINE system blend in perfectly with all architectural styles.  Whether you’re aiming for modern, traditional, newly built or renovated style, we can make it all happen. The inside technology is a perfect match!  The 5-chamber profile takes advantage of the insulating properties of air. It fulfills the most heat retention requirements. In other words, you will experience a comfortable, balanced atmosphere in any weather condition. You will therefore succeed in significantly reducing your heating bill. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Creative windows proudly provide you with sophisticated yet practical designs.

Applications & Functionality

Since our doors and windows are constructed with panels of uPVC and areas of glazing, we can provide you with a range of style options and door combinations to suit all tastes and exceed all expectations.

  • Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors

    Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors

    Our Tilt and Turn windows and doors are for different types of installation.  From the highest blocks to the simplest domestic houses, the Tilt and Turn windows and doors… read more

  • Casement Windows & Doors

    Casement Windows & Doors

    uPVC Casement windows and doors offer a comprehensive range of styles. Suitable for all types of buildings, these products are a great option.  Available in different colors,… read more

  • Tilt and Slide System

    Tilt and Slide System

    Our Tilt and Slide system is amazingly effortless. This system operates gracefully with beautiful styles to complement any room or design. Our tilt and slide system is known for… read more

  • Folding And Sliding Mechanism

    Folding And Sliding Mechanism

    Folding and Sliding Mechanism is a popular alternative to traditional French or sliding patio doors. This multi-fold mechanism can create an open feel for any type of building.… read more

  • Sliding Technique

    Sliding Technique

    Our sliding uPVC doors and windows offer you the exquisite aesthetic appeal and maintenance benefits. This technique takes the finest points of traditional design, providing you… read more


Our wide variety of colors will definitely suit every taste and aspiration. Whatever your expectations and anticipations are… we will work vigorously to keep you 100% satisfied. From the most beautiful variations of brown (such as golden oak or mahajoni) to the grey, green, red, metallic, yellow, blue and beige… we have it all! Watch your dream design turn into reality with our marvelous colorful products.

Golden oak
Siena rosso
Siena noce
Crown platin (metallic)
Earl platin (metallic)
Quarz Platine (metallic)
Aluminium gebürstet
Eiche hell
Oregon III
Energy and cost savings

Energy and cost savings

Best noise insulation

Best noise insulation

Perfect atmosphere

Perfect atmosphere

Colour range

Colour range

Valuable investment

Valuable investment

Increased security

Increased security

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